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Celtrixa Stretch Mark Cream

What’s unique about Celtrixa?

The tone of the makers’ website is more bluntly high-minded than most sites that seek a big profit. The importance of one’s lifestyle is highlighted. It’s made clear on the customer service link that a conscientious diet and plenty of exercise are essential for healthy skin, and that living that way will make scarred skin more receptive to the benefits of salves slathered on it.

On the FAQ link, a strong suggestion to never smoke is featured right up front. The detrimental effects of smoking on the skin’s ability to heal are described with a blatant urgency.

The ingredient that distinguishes Celtrixa is a dry green bean extract called Regestril. It has antioxidant properties that decrease the inflammation that occurs with formation of stretch marks.

What are the best features of Celtrixa?

It’s been clinically determined that when combined with certain peptides, Regestril leads to reduction of scarring. It has the overall effect of visibly tightening and firming up skin.

When describing the cellular process by which Celtrixa achieves scar reduction, dermatologists refer to a multi-active approach in which dermal matrix molecules are restored. They affirm that during the stress of over-stretching, this product slows degradations of elastin and collagen, the proteins that make up the skin. Celtrixa inhibits the harmful effects of proteolytic enzymes, which are closely involved with formations of the scars.

In in-vitro studies, Celtrixa has been shown to significantly promote collagen modeling, the natural process of filling in the furrows caused by over-stretching. In the cases that have been studied, stretch mark depressions---the most visible kind of damage---have been reduced by a whopping 72%. Skin thickness, color, and texture have been brought back to normal, which means that previously scarred skin has successfully blended in with the unscarred skin that surrounds it.

You’d think that a substance that works that well would be available only by prescription. In fact, this product is available without one, and the consensus is, this really works.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee, and bonus offers on the website. More positive testimonials are listed here than for any other topical treatment for stretch marks. The usual dejection and bitterness, the complaint that one’s money has been thrown away, is noticeably absent. So is the hopelessness often expressed by women whose mothers got stretch marks, who believe they are genetically doomed to get them too, and who try different creams, but don’t expect much.

What are the unfavorable reports about Celtrixa?

There’s a bit of grumbling about its availability: you can only get it online, only from the original laboratory.

For the best results, the cream must be used for three months, and compared to the average price of topical stretch mark treatments, Celtrixa doesn’t come cheap. It’s $50 for a one month supply, $90 for two months, and $120 for three.

The complaints about the cost are rather mild, however, because next to the cost of the invasive stretch mark therapies, such as laser or surgery, this highly-recommended and favorably reviewed cream costs very little to obtain.

Thumbs-up or thumbs-down for Celtrixa?

Absolutely thumbs-up. Regestril promotes transformations in scarring, deep on the cellular level. The process provokes a little grateful conjecture about name of the product, Celtrixatm. It might have been coined from the dermatological fact that scar cells get tricked into changing.