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Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Cream for Stretch Marks

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream

What’s unique about Palmer’s cocoa butter massage cream?

Cocoa butter is hardly a unique component of Palmer’s; the substance is the most prized stretch mark salve in the western hemisphere. The beneficial additives are universal, as well. What distinguishes Palmer’s, plain and simple, is prestige, and the charming presentation of its packaging.

Attend a baby shower and you’re likely to see Palmers gift sets encased in convenient zippered totes. The contents of the totes win the givers many thank-yous; they seem godsends to both mother and child. There’s “tummy butter”, bust-firming cream, “prenatal radiance” body gloss, leg relief massager, over-all stretch marks cream, “nursing butter” for nipples, and “bottom butter” for Baby when the mean diaper rashes come along.

No less than seventeen cocoa butter products are listed on the Palmers website.

What are the best features of Palmer’s?

The cocoa butter alone is an adequate draw, because of its immense popularity. It has a soft creamy texture, a tantalizing aroma, an all-natural appeal, and it’s low-priced. But the makers of Palmers seem thoroughly aware that beyond moisturizing, it doesn’t do much. In order to noticeably prevent stretch marks, essential additives are required, and Palmers does not disappoint.

Effective stretch mark prevention creams are useless without penetration. No cream will stop the striations unless it reaches the dermis, the middle layer of skin. This is where scarring occurs. The makers of Palmers add shea butter to the cocoa butter, because shea aids this penetration, and it helps skin retain its receptively softened state somewhat better than cocoa butter will do on its own.

The butters are only the mediums, however. They won’t do much of anything to keep stretch marks from occurring unless they are transporting additives, and once again, Palmers comes through. Collagen and hydrolyzed elastin, the essential components of skin, are added to the cream. So is an infusion of Vitamin E, which helps the two proteins synergize.

The Palmers website confirms that the cream has been clinically and dermatologically tested, and found to be effective in the fight to prevent stretch marks. It should be noted, however, that prevention of stretch marks is one thing, and reduction of established striations is something else, and just as it goes with most topical treatments, the performance of Palmers in reduction of scarring seems very uncertain at best.

What are the unfavorable reports about Palmer’s stretch mark cream?

The customer reviews about Palmer’s stretch mark cream range from glowing praise for the product to the bitter view that it’s “crap”. The usual unfortunate criteria apply: some women are genetically predisposed to get stretch marks no matter what, and some women have babies so enormous that no amount of preventative measures will keep stretch marks at bay.

“If you’re going to get them, you’re going to get them,” one mom drolly philosophizes.

But most of the reviewers, even the dejected, concede that maybe Palmers does reduce the color of their scarring, and it definitely puts an end to the itching. One woman broke out in hives, however, and another one reports that she hated the smell. When you take into consideration the infamous hormonal upheavals of pregnancy, it’s clear that anything goes. Cocoa butter is renowned the world over for its wonderful cocoa aroma, but the nose can turn terribly treacherous when a woman’s in a motherly way. And someone who never got hives in her life can suddenly break out while she’s carrying, from something not normally provocative. It’s a crap shoot.

Thumbs-up or thumbs-down for Palmer’s?

The Palmers website doesn’t appear to offer a guarantee, and that’s cause for a judging thumb to droop. But the customer reviews are more up than down, with the general admonition that in order for Palmers to do anything helpful, you must use it regularly.