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Emu Oil for Stretch Marks

What’s unique about Emu Oil?

Where it comes from is distinctive: the fat from the back and the rump of a bird.

The emu is the national bird of Australia. For thousands of years, Aboriginals have used its oil for medicinal purposes and the reductions of scars. Paleontologists believe that the emu has been around since prehistory. Their adaptability has served them well, and that trait keeps emus useful today, to humans around the globe.

Because of the cosmetic and health benefits of its oil, the emu has been imported to the United States as a cash crop, and is growing into an industry standard.

These are very large, non-flying birds, like the ostrich. An adult emu weighs up to 120 pounds, and yields 5 to 6 liters of oil. Emus have remarkable longevity. An emu hen lays at least 50 eggs per season, for 25 to 35 years.


What are the best features of emu oil?

This emollient goes right to dermis, and penetrates all five dermal levels. Because of this feature that most moisturizers lack, it’s referred to as the great carrier oil. The oil is almost 100% triglyceride lipid, a type of fatty compound very similar in humans and emus, which is a major reason for its superior absorption into human skin. It does not contain phospholipids, the builders of tough cell membranes, which make absorption of emollients through skin cells more difficult.

Emu oil has unusually high concentrations of Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids. These are unsaturated fatty acids that the human body needs yet can’t reproduce, for overall health as well as skin health and healing. Emu oil also contains Palmitic acid, which stimulates skin repair and new skin growth. This oil has a tremendous amount of natural Vitamin E, which is needed for the uptake of the acids.

Emu oil is a totally safe, all-natural substance with no side effects. It has a scent that some users like.

The distributors of the oil advise users to rub it into the skin in a circular motion. They also instruct that this should be done right after bathing or showering, because this is the time when the skin pores are the most open and receptive. After this has been done on stretch marks, one or two times a day for several weeks, the resulting fade and filling in is reportedly impressive.

What are the unfavorable reports about emu oil?

One customer complains that the cost of American emu oil is too high. She says it’s cheaper bought right from Australia, even though the shipping costs more. Another reviewer complains that it doesn’t work, and several say it’s smelly and greasy.

Emu oil has a blue tint, and some of the users get a little creeped out, washing the blue off their skin.

The animal rights factions have a field day over emus. The people against humans killing creatures for profit get especially upset over animals that are killed for cosmetic and medicinal purposes, as the emus are.

Thumbs-up or thumbs-down for emu oil?

If you’re not put off by the reality of animals put to death for your skin, and if you don’t mind the color of blue, and if you don’t mind a scent that is probably redolent of the bird sanctuary at the zoo, then emu oil, with its proven ability to prevent scars or penetrate and reduce them, is most likely a product worth trying.