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Stretch Marks on the Thighs

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Stretch Marks on the Thighs

Who gets them?

There are untold numbers of websites created to bring the like-minded together. A number of those sites specifically cater to the woefully cosmetically challenged. Here such people can candidly air their dispiriting cosmetic blues, and inspire responses from peers on a mission to share their successful solutions.

People plagued by stretch marks are a major group of help-seekers. Pregnant and postpartum women are by far the most numerous sufferers, but horrified teen-agers log in as well, and their plight seems even more anguished.

Body-builders and the obese are certainly candidates for lower-body stretch marks, but the entries about them are mostly by girls who are thirteen or fourteen years old. They are watching their previously pristine baby skins develop something too much like wrinkles, and for youths this is agonizing. On some girls the lines are all over, encompassing even their buttocks. One girl complains that this roadmap of growing even marks up her calves.


Imagine still being every inch a perfect child, while morphing into a perfect physique for modeling scanty beachwear. For such a human being, life is blissful, being in one’s skin a pure joy….but then: No, this just can’t be happening! What are these horrible marks???

What should be done about them?

One commenter recommends daily hot baths and regular massages to the thighs. Another says to use a sturdy body brush to scrub the thighs in the shower. Both the heat and the rubdowns will increase circulation, which supposedly lessens the scars.

When this is suggested to pubescents, whose stretched skin may still be producing new elastin and just might soon bounce back, it may be sufficient advice. But for adults who have gotten their thighs all scarred up because of stretching caused by workouts or fat gain, such simplicity isn’t enough. Microdermabrasion is probably the wise way to go, if it can be afforded. Laser therapy may also work, but not if the scarring is old or wide and rutted.

And these adults are due for a lecture. The bodybuilders should have prevented their stretch marks by rubbing in fortified lotions every day, and the obese...well. They know they messed up.

The kids in their puberties might have fared better if they’d done as the weight-lifters should: used the pre-emptive lotions. But what eleven or twelve-year old, busy with kid stuff, is going to want to do that? The image is a little farfetched.

The young, just like new young mothers, are advised to use sunless tanners. Body makeup is also suggested, carefully matched to the skin tone. Some of these concealers are water resistant, and some of them are not, and water resistance is likely to matter to a youth who loves to dive in.

Sufferers of thigh scars are reminded that bathing suits are available with “boy short” styled bottoms. This will cover the stretch marks on the uppermost thighs, hips and buttocks. As if to encourage young girls to have faith in this style as high-fashion, one of the commenters points out that gorgeous professional athletes actually prefer “boy short” bottoms: they don’t ride up on them.

The smartest advisory entry is by a girl who urges another to regularly tone the leg muscles…but not too much. She apparently understands that tightening the muscles will help to tighten the skin, and thereby make striations thinner. But she also understands that a rapid increase in muscle could make the thigh stretch marks worse. Atta girl.

There’s not much to be found in the entries about scarring on pubescent boys, except for the confirmation that they get thigh stretch marks, too. It’s plainly the girls who are most upset about it, or who don’t mind admitting they are. Most likely the boys are being stoic, hiding the scars under their long baggy shorts, which they wear on and off the beach. Actually, they live in those things.

What happens to the scars in the future?

Seventeen year-olds log in and write like consoling big sisters. They assure the younger girls that their thigh stretch marks, and all of their stretch marks, have now turned completely white, and have almost completely gone away.