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How to Prevent or Get Rid of Stretch Marks on the Breasts

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Stretch Marks on Breasts

Woe to the woman who prizes her breasts, and loves to show the tops or her cleavage, and then she develops breast stretch marks. If her partner is someone who adores a great bosom, then her worries and sadness increase.

Getting scars on one’s breasts is more stressful than scars almost anywhere else. You can easily hide other parts of yourself that may have become marked up. But boobs? We live in a culture that both allows and enjoys its breast tissue half exposed. Nobody wants to wear T-shirts all the time, or go to a gala affair buttoned-up. Clearly, if your boobs have striations, that’s almost as bad as your face.

Unfortunately, the breasts are in one of those situations that growth spurts wreak havoc upon. A girl in pubescence may be sprouting something absolutely amazing, but it’s happening way too fast. The same thing’s going on in a mommy-to-be, and also in a breast-feeding matron.


Sudden growth causes the dermal skin layer to expand too fast for the cells to keep up. This overextension by rapid increase causes breakage of microscopic bonds. Stretch marks are caused by striations of tears in the fibers called collagen and elastin. Together these components give shape to the skin, and provide skin with expansion and contraction capabilities. When they get torn, things get ugly.

Cosmetic surgeons rely on the demand for the treatment of scars on women’s breasts. For some women, the scars are unavoidable. Though meticulous applications of fortified lotions and creams may help to prevent lines and grooves, for these women, a total avoidance won’t happen. Unlucky genetics or dark-colored skin render even the most conscientious measures less effective than these women would like. For these women, creams and rubdowns that are hyped to prevent scarring are truly false advertising.

That’s not to say, however, that massages and creams won’t help at all. Any girl, either pregnant or pubescent, no matter how disadvantaged, should use what products she can to make her fate less pronounced. Avoidance of weight gain is also important. So is staying well-hydrated and eating a healthy diet. Those who are predisposed to have stretch marks should not give up on this battle!

Once the stretch marks are established, laser surgery can help to reduce them. One kind pales the color of new scars, while another promotes the formation of pigment-producing cells in the marks that have already faded. The newest type of laser therapy accelerates collagen production, and aids in the restoration of the skin’s elasticity in deeply furrowed lines.

Some laser advisements stress that the procedure should be done early, when the stretch marks are new and livid. Once they’ve become thinner and faded, they may not respond as well.

Laser surgery and its sister procedure, microdermabrasion, which involves not light beams but a probe, are usually not covered by insurance. Multiple sessions are required, and each of them costs hundreds of dollars. There are women with scarred breasts putting money aside for their cherished cosmetic procedures, right next to the stash for the dentist.

If you’re fair-skinned or genetically lucky, then you have a better chance of not getting stuck with lasting lines on your breasts. Prevention tactics might just work. One rule of thumb is to not put on fat during puberty or pregnancy, because that will stretch the skin even more. Another is to drink plenty of water, eat foods that are proven skin strengtheners, and thoroughly moisturize the breasts, several times a day, with creams that have been fortified with Vitamin E.

Perhaps your husband would like contribute by gently massaging the moisturizer in.