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Is Massage Helpful for Stretch Marks

This question could almost start a war.

The difference in claims re: massage used on scarring is more polarized than creationists and science. Google together “massage” and “stretch marks” and you’ll find doctors emphatically stating that massage does nothing for stretch marks. On the next link will be people touting complicated rubbings who swear that if you follow their program, it works.


No one claims massage works alone.

Just about everyone who says massage works is using it in tandem with nourishing lotions or regenerative serums or a suctioning kind of process. Most of them say massage must be used in conjunction with their other doctor-free treatments, but a few people insist that massage is the core, and must be administered strategically.

Fact: massage improves circulation, which promotes new tissue growth. Based on this truism are the following claims to preventative and restorative methods:

One person recommends a hard body brush. He says it helps to prevent stretch marks if massaged over the areas that are going to be affected, several times a day. Then you apply lotions that promote elasticity.

A French treatment called Endermologie claims to reduce stretched-skin scarring. It’s all about a machine involving rollers that massage. There’s also a suction mechanism, to exfoliate significant areas. Its inventors say it won’t remove stretch marks, but it definitely will improve them.

A company that sells a serum based on a mollusk claims massage must be part of your prepping. The creature in question is endowed with amazing regenerative traits, and these have been isolated for human skin absorption. You’re supposed to go through the procedure just before you go to sleep, because sleep is when healing is deepest. First you take a bath, to loosen your skin, and then you massage the scarred areas very strongly, preferably with a wooden massager. Lastly, you use a body scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. Now your skin is ready to receive the curative bio cream.

Those who most strongly believe massage works tout aggressive skin regeneration and resurfacing. They talk about a vigorous, almost violent massage and precise exfoliation. They talk about the necessity of a perfect balance of both. This is for sure quite a memorable rub: they call it microdermabrasion by the fingers. The goal is to push regeneration into overdrive, promoting new skin growth to replace damaged tissues. A certain kind of nourishing, hydrating lotion must be used with this massage, and it’s sold to you in a kit. You’re supposed to see improvement almost overnight, and reduction in depth, length and width of stretch marks in the course of just a few weeks.

Anyone who’s pregnant knows that massaging the stomach that roughly could cause a catastrophe. If you’re a woman who wants to prevent any scarring while she carries her baby to term, there’s a site by massage therapists with a link that’s entitled Anti-Stretch Mark Massage. By the look of it this is very gentle self-massage, but also very precise. The movements of your hands must be purposefully slow, and also very gentle. You’re advised to literally bathe your belly and breasts in oil. The directions of your hands are rather complicated, with circular motions here, crisscrossing there, and a whole lot of clockwise direction. You have to do it right, these licensed massagers caution, or you won’t prevent tissue tearing. And then there’s a whole bunch of other ways to stroke, after you’ve had the baby.

How about calling massage an ingredient?

Doctors might call it an option, but not really needed, like pepper. Massage therapists might call it meat. It seems that the wisest course of action is to do it, and to do it with the balanced understanding that what stimulates the blood flow is great, but is not the whole recipe.