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How Celebrities Feel About Stretch Marks

Young, gorgeous and famous, Jessica Alba is the star of Valentine’s Day, the much-anticipated film to be released in 2010. According to her interviews with Us and Self magazines, Alba loves her work as an actress, but her motherhood appeals to her more. She speaks of how caring for her toddler-aged daughter gives her a joyful perspective, and she proves her sincerity with her statement that stretch marks are simply no problem.

Alba describes her pregnancy with reverence. She says the scars, sagging boobs and cellulite are worth it, and that a confident attitude is everything. Her words are an admirable antidote to relentless twitterers and bloggers, who gripe about celebrity matrons who get stretch marks erased from their photos, or their scars removed by procedures that only the rich and famous can buy.


They gossip about photos they’ve ogled of Alba’s untouched-up stretch marks, while Alba serenely informs everyone that she could care less about scars. Nowhere does she even recommend any treatments, as a mom in the limelight might elect to.

Alba’s declarations are about self-love, and devotion not to skin-deep perfection, but to all great things a woman can be. Her message is who cares if your skin bears harmless damage from a role that brings such inner radiance.

For actress Angelina Jolie, things seem a bit more conflicted. In an interview printed in the July 2008 Vanity Fair---she graces the front cover---she remarks that she loves being pregnant, that it makes her feel fulfilled as a woman, and it’s taught her that feminine beauty isn’t just to be on display; it exists for a beautiful reason.

After the birth of her twins, however, Jolie seemed very depressed. According to disclosures from her husband Brad Pitt, she was going through the blues about her sags and her stretch marks, which amount to the loss of “sex goddess” perfection.
We can assume from this update that Jolie may be spending some serious bucks on her body. We can also assume that with her level of wealth, some invasive, expensive, transformative surgery will be this reigning superstar’s choice.

This brings to mind a former reigning queen who also posed pregnant for a cover. Who can forget the August 1991 cover of Vanity Fair? Demi Moore is blatantly saluting Mother Goddess. She’s so due that she has to defy gravity by firmly gripping her belly. Her breasts are so swollen that she can barely hide the nipples with her forearm and finger-splayed hand.

After that the gawkers must have wondered: what’s to become of Moore’s body? When the megastar later made Striptease, in 1996, their questions were answered---well, sort of. In that film, some belly marks certainly showed, but only a little bit. Maybe they were really only teensy-weensy white lines, or maybe some high-tech work with a camera blurred a much bigger mommy map.

But then later on, in 2004, in Charlie’s Angels her stretch marks were gone. Were they really? How can one know? When all you see of an actress is on film, it might be some camera magic, or it might the latest in surgical magic that only the stars can afford.

There do seem to be famous beauties who simply don’t care, or at least don’t go running freaked out to the surgeon, if they sprout a few “vines” here and there. The proof is in candid photos. Alyssa Milano, of the trio in Charmed, is shown in a gown cut almost to her waist, with glistening striations on her semi-bared globes. The cleavage of Jane Mansfield looks the same, only darker. Anna Nicole Smith is shown gleefully hamming it up, albeit with lines on both her cleavage and her underarms.